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For Immediate Release
September 18, 2023

For more information contact:

Christie von Ohlen, 312-781-1497,
Karen Wuertz, 312-781-1335,

NFA takes emergency enforcement action against Doral, Fla. commodity pool operator Bit5ive Mining Fund Advisor, LLC and its principal Richard Alexander Acosta

September 18, Chicago—NFA has taken an emergency enforcement action against Bit5ive Mining Fund Advisor, LLC, (Bit5ive Advisor), an NFA Member commodity pool operator located in Doral, Florida, and Richard Alexander Acosta, a listed principal and the sole associated person of Bit5ive Advisor.

NFA took this action to protect participants in Bit5ive Mining Fund LP, a commodity pool operated by Bit5ive Advisor, as well as the investing public, the derivatives markets, and other NFA Members because of Bit5ive Advisor and Acosta's failure to cooperate with NFA. Due to their failure to produce requested documents and information, NFA is unable to determine, among other things, who invested in the Fund, as well as when and how much; whether there are additional investors in the Fund other than those disclosed to NFA; what Bit5ive Advisor and Acosta did with the funds received for investment in the Fund; and the source of funds used to repay one investor.

Effective immediately, Bit5ive Advisor and Acosta are suspended from NFA membership and prohibited from soliciting or accepting any funds for investment in the Fund or in any other pools or other investment vehicles over which Bit5ive Advisor or Acosta exercise control. Bit5ive Advisor and Acosta are further prohibited from disbursing or transferring any funds from any accounts in the name of Bit5ive Advisor, Bit5ive Fund, or from the account of any other commodity pool or other investment vehicle operated by Bit5ive Advisor or Acosta, without NFA's prior approval. This action will remain in effect until Bit5ive Advisor and Acosta demonstrate to NFA's satisfaction that they are in complete compliance with all NFA requirements.

Bit5ive Advisor or Acosta may request a hearing before NFA's Hearing Committee.

The complete text of the emergency action is available on NFA's website.

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