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NFA issues news releases to announce any significant disciplinary action or other NFA news.

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December 11, 2006
NFA suspends principal of Florida futures firm

December 11, 2006
NFA settles enforcement action against New York Forex Dealer Member

November 14, 2006
NFA expels from membership a New York Forex Dealer Member

November 03, 2006
NFA takes additional enforcement action against Spot FX Clearing Corp.

October 27, 2006
NFA fines Utah Commodity Pool Operator $25,000

October 26, 2006
NFA suspends Florida firm and permanently bars three of its associated persons; suspends others

October 11, 2006
NFA permanently bars three Ft. Lauderdale firms and their president

October 05, 2006
NFA takes emergency action against Las Vegas FOREX firm

August 24, 2006
NFA announces publication of new investor education guide

August 21, 2006
National Futures Association distributes $1.9 million in restitution payments to defrauded investors

August 16, 2006
NFA suspends two associates of Florida futures firms for sales practice violations

July 26, 2006
NFA takes enforcement action against New York firm and its president

July 12, 2006
NFA takes enforcement action against Missouri commodity pool operator and its principal

June 22, 2006
NFA permanently bars Pompano Beach, Florida firm and one of its principals; sanctions others

June 20, 2006
NFA permanently bars Ft. Lauderdale firm and one of its principals; suspends another

June 13, 2006
NFA permanently bars a New Jersey forex firm and the firm's principal

May 24, 2006
NFA fines Minnesota futures broker $25,000

May 08, 2006
National Futures Association permanently bars Georgia commodity pool operator and firm's principal

April 25, 2006
NFA permanently bars Florida futures firm and suspends firm's principal and an associate

March 30, 2006
NFA permanently bars Michigan commodity pool operator and suspends firm's principal

March 15, 2006
National Futures Association to provide regulatory services for CBOE Futures Exchange (CFE)

March 14, 2006
NFA takes enforcement action against New York commodity trading advisor and one of its principals

March 06, 2006
NFA permanently expels Philadelphia commodity pool operator and its manager

March 02, 2006
NFA suspends associate of Florida futures firm

February 16, 2006
NFA announces Board of Directors election results

February 14, 2006
NFA launches forex online learning program

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