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NFA issues news releases to announce any significant disciplinary action or other NFA news.

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December 17, 2008
NFA orders Florida firm, Meridian Commodity Corporation and its principal to permanently withdraw

December 08, 2008
National Futures Association issues Investor Alert to help individuals protect themselves from affinity fraud

December 05, 2008
National Futures Association distributes nearly $3.4 million in restitution payments to victims in illegal off-exchange metal options case

November 13, 2008
Florida firms, Universal Commodity Corp. and Comtrust Inc., agree to withdraw from NFA membership

October 31, 2008
NFA takes emergency enforcement action against SNC Investments, Inc. and its principal, Peter Son

October 24, 2008
NFA permanently bars Pompano Beach, Florida firm, The Miller Group and its principal

September 17, 2008
NFA takes emergency enforcement action against Florida firm, Capital Blu Management LLC

July 25, 2008
NFA expels South Florida firm, American Atlantic Financial Corp. and its principal; sanctions its associated persons

July 15, 2008
National Futures Association to provide regulatory services for NYSE Liffe futures exchange

July 10, 2008
NFA permanently bars Florida firm, Sterling International Commodities; sanctions its principal and associated persons

June 24, 2008
NFA launches online learning program for arbitrators

June 09, 2008
NFA takes emergency enforcement action against New Jersey firm, Progressive Investment Funds and Victor E. Cilli

May 29, 2008
NFA permanently bars Los Angeles firm, Jaguar Trading and suspends firm's principal, Jonathan J. Berman

May 09, 2008
NFA permanently bars Ryan S. Cubiotti, former NFA Associate of Deerfield Beach, Florida

April 24, 2008
NFA takes an emergency enforcement action against Last Atlantis Capital Management LLC

April 15, 2008
National Futures Association advises investors on how to avoid investment fraud at three Money Smart Week events

March 31, 2008
NFA permanently bars Majestic Commodity Corporation, a Florida futures firm, and its owner; issues sanctions against firm's associates

March 17, 2008
NFA settles enforcement action against Commercial Hedge Services, Inc. and its principal

March 14, 2008
NFA suspends Jordan Assets Ltd. and its principal for a period of 10 years

March 03, 2008
NFA settles enforcement action against James A. Ward, a former associated person of American Atlantic Financial Corp.

February 26, 2008
NFA orders South Florida firm to withdraw from membership; suspends New York firm

February 26, 2008
NFA permanently bars three firms and one individual

February 25, 2008
NFA takes emergency enforcement action against Innovative Capital Management LLC and its principal, Yehuda Belsky

February 22, 2008
NFA announces Board of Directors election results

February 14, 2008
NFA settles enforcement action with Black Flag Capital Partners LLC and its principal

February 11, 2008
NFA permanently bars associated person of Florida futures firm

February 04, 2008
NFA permanently bars Florida CTA, World Trade Financial, Inc., and its principal

January 30, 2008
NFA fines Charlotte forex firm, Advanced Markets, Inc., and its principals $150,000

January 24, 2008
National Futures Association fines forex firm

January 16, 2008
NFA permanently bars Commodity Pool Operator and its principal; levies fine of $200,000

January 11, 2008
NFA reports four forex firms have ceased operations in light of increased capital requirements

January 02, 2008
NFA orders San Francisco firm to pay $35,000 fine

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