Begin Enrollment Process

To gain access to NFA's Online Registration System (ORS), firms, including sole proprietors, floor brokers and floor traders, must establish a security account and designate a security manager by completing an enrollment form.

Sole proprietors, floor brokers and floor traders who wish to apply for registration must file their own applications and may not designate anyone except themselves as the Security Manager. 

The enrollment form should be completed and submitted by first time applicants and/or returning applicants applying for registration and membership.

  • If you are attempting to file a firm exemption (4.14(a)(8)) or pool exemption, go to the Exemptions page to login to the Electronic Filing Systems as a "non-registrant."
  • If you are attempting to complete or verify your individual application, go to the ORS login page.
  • If you are a Security Manager attempting to establish and maintain security accounts for other users at the firm (i.e., to delete a user or update a user's security level), go to the Security Manager page.
  • If you are attempting to reset your password, go to Reset Your ORS Password.

Enrollment Process

The enrollment form requests personal information about the individual that has been designated as a Security Manager and should be filled out and submitted only by the Security Manager. After the form has been completed and submitted to NFA the screen will return with a temporary password.

NFA will notify the Security Manager by email when it approves the enrollment request and will provide a username for the Security Manager to use along with a temporary password to log into ORS. The first time the Security Manager logs into ORS, they will be prompted to change their password.