Membership and Directories

All registered FCMs, RFEDs, IBs, SDs, MSPs, CPOs and those registered CTAs who direct client accounts or provide tailored investment advice must be NFA Members. CFTC registered APs of NFA Members must be NFA Associate Members.

NFA Membership Totals

As of March 31, 2024

Total Membership* 2,941

Membership by Category
Commodity Trading Advisors 1,257
Commodity Pool Operators 1,197
Futures Commission Merchants 62
Introducing Brokers 920
Major Swap Participants 0
Retail Foreign Exchange Dealers 4
Swap Dealers 107
Exchanges 6
Associates 38,657

*Total membership counts each NFA Member entity once. However, many NFA Members are registered in multiple categories. For example, a CPO may also be registered as a CTA and would be counted in each category. Therefore, totaling all categories will not equal the total membership count.

NFA Directories and Registries

NFA's directories and registries provide information about NFA Members and CFTC registrants, including, among other details, registration and membership status, NFA ID, and city, state, province (if applicable) and country.

As a security precaution, these directories and registries are password protected.


Directories of CFTC Registrants and NFA Members


NFA Swap Dealer Registry