Membership and Directories

All registered FCMs, RFEDs, IBs, SDs, MSPs, CPOs and those registered CTAs who direct client accounts or provide tailored investment advice must be NFA Members. CFTC registered APs of NFA Members must be NFA Associate Members.

NFA Membership Totals

As of March 31, 2021

Total Membership* 3,193

Membership by Category
Commodity Trading Advisors 1,367
Commodity Pool Operators 1,247
Futures Commission Merchants 61
Introducing Brokers 1,051
Major Swap Participants 0
Retail Foreign Exchange Dealers 4
Swap Dealers 109
Exchanges 6
Associates 44,748

*Total membership counts each NFA Member entity once. However, many NFA Members are registered in multiple categories. For example, a CPO may also be registered as a CTA and would be counted in each category. Therefore, totaling all categories will not equal the total membership count.

NFA Directories and Registries

For more information on NFA Members, access NFA's directories, which include, among other details, a firm's registration and membership status, NFA ID, and city, state, province (if applicable) and country. These directories are available as CSV files.

Please note CFTC registration or NFA membership status does not reflect an endorsement of a firm. Investors and NFA Members are urged to do a thorough background check prior to engaging in a business relationship with a firm by visiting NFA's Background Affiliation Status Information Center (BASIC).

Directory of CFTC Registrants and NFA Members


Commodity Pool Operator (CPO) Directory

Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) Directory

CPO and CTA Directory

Futures Commission Merchant (FCM), Retail Foreign Exchange Dealer (RFED), and Forex Dealer Member (FDM) Directory

Introducing Broker (IB) with FCM or RFED guarantor, Independent IB Directory

  • IB Directory also contains the guarantor firm's NFA ID and name.
  • Temporary licenses allow guaranteed IB applicants to conduct business in the registration capacity while NFA is conducting the required background checks.

Swap Dealer (SD) Registry

The SD Registry is available in three different formats.

The directories and registry are updated by 5:00 a.m. CT each morning with the updated files reflecting the information as of the previous business day. The generated date listed in the XML file of the SD Registry is the date and time the report was created.

Explanation of Registration Status

  • Pending status indicates the firm is an applicant for CFTC registration and/or NFA membership.
  • Registered status indicates the firm has completed all registration requirements to be designated as a full CFTC registrant.
  • Conditional registration indicates the firm's registration is contingent upon complying with specified conditions imposed in a registration action.
  • SD Registry only: Provisional registration is granted to swap applicants who have completed all registration filings and have filed documentation that demonstrates compliance, including the ability to comply, with the applicable Section 4s Implementing Regulations.