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Interpretive Notices


(Staff, May 1, 1989; revised July 1, 2000)


As a service to its Members and the investing public, NFA offers a program for the review of promotional material prior to its first use. This program is voluntary and no Member must file promotional material with NFA unless otherwise required to do so by rule or directive. In addition, this program in no way lessens the requirement that Members supervise the preparation of and review all promotional material. Members may not attempt to use NFA staff's review as a substitute for its own.

Members wishing to avail themselves of the pre-review program may submit promotional material to the Compliance Department at least 21 calendar days prior to its first intended use. This material should be directed to:

    National Futures Association
    Compliance Department
    Advertising Regulation Team
    Suite 1800
    300 S. Riverside Plaza
    Chicago, IL 60606

In addition, Members may ask general questions about promotional material or Compliance Rule 2-29 by contacting NFA's Information Center at (312) 781-1410 or (800) 621-370 or through the "contact" feature of NFA's web site at Such inquiries will be forwarded to the appropriate personnel for response.

Submitted material must be accompanied by a cover letter signed by a supervisory employee responsible for the review of the Member's promotional material. NFA staff will not pre-review material received directly from APs.

NFA staff will review submissions as expeditiously as possible. If additional information is needed, or the review cannot be completed within the 21 day period, the Member will be so notified. (In our experience, most reviews take far less than 21 days, and reviews take more than 21 days only in highly unusual circumstances.) At the conclusion of the review the comments of NFA staff will be conveyed to the Member, generally by telephone. Obviously NFA staff will not be able to independently verify the accuracy of every statement or numerical claim made in a piece of promotional material within the 21 day review period; that responsibility remains with the Member. Therefore, submitting promotional material to NFA will not provide a "safe harbor" for Members if misstatements or omissions of material facts are discovered subsequently. However, NFA staff review will provide valuable guidance to Members, particularly with regard to such areas as balance and the proper use of disclaimers.