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(Staff, August 21, 1989; revised July 1, 2000)


NFA Compliance Rule 2-9 requires Members to supervise diligently the futures-related activities of their employees and agents. Obviously, all Members should carefully screen prospective APs, both to ensure their qualifications and to determine the extent of supervision the prospective AP would require if hired. The purpose of this Notice is to remind you of the information available from NFA to aid Members in that effort.

All applicants for AP registration are required to fill out the Form 8-R, supplying, among other things, information concerning their recent employment history and any disciplinary proceedings against them. What may not be immediately apparent from the face of the application is whether any of the applicant's previous employers have been the subject to disciplinary proceedings by the Commission or by NFA. This information could be helpful to a prospective employer in determining the extent of supervision a particular applicant would require after he is hired. Certainly, if a recently hired AP has received the bulk of his professional training and experience from, for example, a number of firms which have been closed down as a result of disciplinary proceedings brought by the Commission or by NFA, that individual may well require closer supervision for a period of time than other APs.

If you have any questions whether the Commission or NFA has taken any action against a particular firm or individual, check the BASIC system on NFA's web site at, send a request to NFA through the "contact" feature of the web site, or call NFA's Information Center at (800) 621-3570. Summary information concerning the proceeding is available through BASIC or can be provided over the phone, and copies of any available documents relating to the proceeding can be provided upon request.

Prospective employers are also entitled to any non-public registration records regarding a prospective employee. For example, each applicant for registration as an AP must complete the disciplinary history portion of the Form 8-R, and must supply a detailed explanation of any "yes" answers to those questions. That detailed explanation is treated as non-public but is available to prospective employers under NFA Registration Rule 701(c). Thus, a prospective employer may obtain the non-public supplementary information which the applicant may have submitted in connection with any past registrations.

The supervision of employees must be an issue of paramount concern to all NFA Members. NFA recognizes that certain employees, by virtue of their past training or experience, may need more supervision than others and will gladly supply our Members with whatever information may be available to help identify those employees.