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Articles of Incorporation


[Effective dates of amendments: February 10, 1983; April 14, 1983; February 7, 1986; January 1, 1990; August 16, 1993; and April 1, 2013.]

Section 1: Membership Eligibility.

Persons eligible to become NFA Members shall include:

    (a) any person registered or provisionally registered with the Commission;
    (b) any Contract Market; and
    (c) any person designated by Commission Rule as eligible for NFA membership.

Section 2: Membership Category.

Each Member which qualifies for membership status in one or more of the following categories

(a) FCMs;
(b) CPOs;
(c) CTAs;
(d) IBs;
(e) LTMs;
(f) RFEDs;
(g) SDs; or
(h) MSPs

shall be deemed to be a Member for the purposes of Articles VII, VIII and X only in that single category to which its business activities primarily relate. Each Member shall have one vote on all matters on which the Member's category is entitled to vote.