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Chapter 13. Schedule of Dues and Assessments


[Effective dates of amendments: April 11, 1983; July 27, 1983; November 29, 1983; December 30, 1986; January 1, 1990; July 1, 1991; October 1, 2007; July 1, 2010; and February 1, 2012.]

Unless otherwise provided, annual dues and fees shall be payable in advance on the first day of January of each year, or at such other time or times as the Board shall determine. Members paying dues or fees after the date they are payable shall be subject to a late payment charge of $25 per month or portion thereof. Assessments based upon futures transactions or forex order segments (as defined in Bylaw 1301) shall be payable to NFA within 30 days after the end of each month for transactions effected or order segments submitted during that month. In addition to such assessments each FCM, Forex Dealer Member, and LTM shall pay to NFA an amount equal to one month's interest at an annual rate of 10 percent (or such other rate of interest as the President, with the concurrence of the Executive Committee, may determine from time to time) on the amount of any such assessment payable by that Member for every month or fraction thereof such assessment payment is late. If a Member claims overpayment of its assessments based upon futures or forex transactions, the Member may request a refund in writing with supporting documentation at any time prior to the end of the 6th calendar month following the due date for payment of assessments for the month with respect to which such claimed overpayment was made. After that time, no refunds, adjustments or offsets will be made or allowed. Except as the Board may otherwise provide by resolution, each Member shall pay dues and assessments, as applicable, for each category in which the Member — or an affiliate thereof, unless such affiliate is a Member in its own right—is registered with the Commission and conducts business.