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Chapter 7. Committees


[Effective dates of amendments: July 1, 1987; October 15, 2001; February 15, 2005; November 18, 2009, February 20, 2014, and August 1, 2016.]

There shall be a Membership Committee, consisting of five Directors, and at least one shall be a Public Representative (See Article XVIII). A majority of the Committee members shall constitute a quorum, except that in the case of a Subcommittee, a quorum shall consist of a majority of such Subcommittee members. The Committee members shall be nominated by the President and appointed by the Board. The President and the Board shall endeavor to nominate and appoint Directors and persons who reflect the various categories of Members described in the Articles.

The Committee or its designated Subcommittee shall review actions taken by the President pursuant to the President's authority under Chapter 3 to make the initial determination regarding: (a) applicants for membership in NFA or registration as Associates, and (b) continued eligibility for such membership or registration and shall conduct adverse registration actions as provided in Part 500 of the Registration Rules.

Each Committee member shall serve for two years or until the member's successor is appointed and qualified, or until the member's death, resignation, ineligibility or removal. A Committee vacancy shall be filled by the Board. A Committee member may be removed by the Board whenever, in its judgment, the best interests of NFA will be served thereby.