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Compliance Rules

Part 4 - Procedures Governing Access to and Certification of CFTC Records, Other than Registration Records, maintained by NFA


[Adopted effective June 2, 2006.]

(a) Definitions.

    (1) CFTC Records. For purposes of Rules 4-1 and 4-2, the term "CFTC records" shall be defined to include only those records that are in the custody of or maintained by NFA because such records were transferred from the Commission to NFA or because the Commission has delegated to NFA the authority to receive, generate, compile or maintain such records in performance of functions which NFA is authorized or required by the Commission to perform pursuant to Sections 8a(10) or 17(o) of the Act: Provided, however, that for purposes of Rules 4-1 and 4-2, the term "CFTC records" shall not include registration records subject to Part 700 of NFA's Registration Rules.

(b) Disclosure of Public Information.

    (1) If any member of the public requests access to CFTC records, or portions thereof, and the requested record, or portion, is "public" or "publicly available" under CFTC Regulations 1.10(g) or 145.0, then NFA will release that record or portion to the requester.

    (2) NFA may charge any member of the public a copying fee, not to exceed the fee charged by the Commission, for any copies of CFTC records provided by NFA directly to the requester.

(c) Disclosure of Non-Public Information. Requests for access to CFTC records, or portions thereof, not subject to disclosure as public or publicly available under paragraph (b)(1) of this Rule shall be referred or transmitted to the Commission for response; except that, NFA will disclose such records or portion thereof:

    (1) otherwise with the authorization of the Assistant Secretary of the Commission for FOI, Privacy and Sunshine Act Compliance or his or her designee, or the General Counsel of the Commission or his or her designee, in accordance with CFTC Regulations 145.7(b), (h) and (i); the Freedom of Information Act, 5 U.S.C. § 552; and the Privacy Act, 5 U.S.C. § 552a; and

    (2) to any individual or firm, or person acting on behalf of the individual or firm, who seeks access to his, her or its CFTC records: Provided, however, that NFA receives proper verification of the identity and authority of the party requesting the records.