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Registration Rules

Part 500. Proceedings to Deny, Condition, Suspend and Revoke Registration


[Adopted effective April 4, 1988. Effective dates of amendments: December 10, 1993 and December 15, 2004.]

(a) Whenever information comes to the attention of NFA that an applicant for registration in any capacity may be disqualified from registration under Section 8a(2), 8a(3) or 8a(4) of the Act, the Vice President of Registration and Membership or the Vice President's designee may serve written notice upon the applicant which shall specify the statutory disqualifications to which the applicant may be subject and notify the applicant that:

    (1) the information, if true, is a basis upon which the applicant's registration may be denied;

    (2) unless the applicant voluntarily withdraws his application, it may be necessary to institute the denial procedures described in Part 500 of these Rules; and

    (3) if the applicant does not confirm in writing that he wishes to have his application given further consideration, his application will be deemed to have been withdrawn.

(b) The applicant must serve the written confirmation referred to in paragraph (a)(3) of this Rule upon NFA's Legal Docketing Department within 20 days of the date the written notice from NFA was served.