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Code of Arbitration


[Effective dates of amendments: February 18, 1992; May 1, 1994; June 7, 1996; June 23, 1997 and March 1, 2002.]

No Arbitration Claim may be arbitrated under this Code unless an Arbitration Claim or notice of intent to arbitrate (see Sections 6(a) and (c)) is received by NFA within two years from the date when the party filing the Arbitration Claim knew or should have known of the act or transaction that is the subject of the controversy. Except as is provided in Sections 6(f) and (h) below, no counterclaim, cross-claim or third-party claim may be arbitrated under this Code unless it is asserted in a timely filed Answer in accordance with Section 6(e) below. NFA shall reject any claim that is not timely filed. If, in the course of any arbitration, the Panel determines that the requirements of this section have not been met as to a particular claim, the Panel shall thereupon terminate the arbitration of the claim without decision or award.