Online Registration System FAQs

Like firms, Floor Brokers (FB) and Floor Traders (FT) must establish security accounts with NFA by completing an enrollment form.  However, a FB or an individual FT may not designate anyone else as the Security Manager. NFA will notify the FB or individual FT by letter when it approves the enrollment request and will provide a User Name for the FB or individual FT to use along with a temporary password to log in to ORS. 

Security Managers can reset their passwords by visiting the security manager password reset page. To reset your password, you will need your User name (ID used to log on to the system) and the Security Manager security information provided on the enrollment form. If any of this information is unknown, you will not be able to use the password reset process. Instead, you must contact our Information Center to have your password reset.

The initial Security Manager for a firm can create additional Security Managers, who can take the place of the initial Security Manager in case the initial Security Manager has left the firm or is unavailable. Floor Brokers and individual Floor Traders cannot create additional security managers.

Fax a letter signed by a listed principal of the firm to NFA at (312) 559-3537 naming the new Security Manager and providing contact information. NFA will contact the new Security Manager about gaining access to ORS.

Individuals who are AP applicants or principals will only be able to access ORS to complete their application, if their firm requires them to do so, and to verify the application after their firm files it. Their firm will provide them with a temporary User ID and password to perform these functions

Each temporary User ID and password will be valid until the application for which they were issued is verified.

If you forget your password, you must contact your sponsor's Security Manager to reset your password.

No. Only to complete and verify your application.

Yes. A firm can authorize another firm to perform all of its registration activities. Firms that wish to do this should contact NFA's Information Center. FCMs and RFEDs that guarantee IBs will automatically have this ability.