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August 29, 2023

Investor Education

Military Consumer Month

July is recognized as Military Consumer Month, an annual observance to increase awareness of consumer protections and financial readiness for servicemembers, veterans and military families. Throughout July, published resources for military communities that are now available to all

Learn More about the Derivatives Markets

Want to expand your knowledge of the derivatives markets? Futures Fundamentals is a one-stop educational resource designed to simplify and explain complex market topics. Through interactive features and rich content, the website explains the role of futures markets in everyday life and provides information on the derivatives industry as a whole. Futures Fundamentals is a collective effort that is made possible by a number of contributing organizations across the futures industry, including NFA, CME Group, FIA and the Institute for Financial Markets (IFM).

Investor Protection

Informed Investor Advisory: Seniors’ Guide to Staying Safe Online (NASAA)

Losing money in an online investment fraud or financial scheme can be devastating, especially for those in their retirement years. In a recent Investor Advisory, NASAA reminds seniors to keep on top of the web services, subscriptions and passwords they are using and take a proactive role in staying secure online.

Information courtesy of NASAA

Beware Imposters Posing as CFTC Officials

The CFTC recently issued an article regarding imposter frauds perpetrated by individuals posing as the CFTC and its staff. In attempts to swindle people out of their money, fraudsters copy logos, seals, or images of signatures from official government websites and use them to create fake letterhead, documents, social media accounts or email messages that they then use to demand money from victims.

Information courtesy of the CFTC