Investor Newsletter


May 4, 2023

Investor Education

Money Smart Week 2023

Money Smart Week, which was held virtually from April 15-21, 2023, is a national public education program coordinated by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. Money Smart Week strives to empower the public with the knowledge and skills to make better-informed personal financial decisions around the key financial pillars of saving, spending, borrowing and planning.

Financial Literacy Month: Learn How to Keep Your Money Safe from Scammers

April marked Financial Literacy Month, which is a nationwide, collaborative endeavor aimed at highlighting the importance of financial literacy and understanding how to establish and maintain healthy financial habits. As part of this initiative, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) provided free educational tools for the public to spot, avoid and report scams, and help those they care about protect their bottom line.

Investor Protection

Informed Investor Advisory: Does Crypto Threaten Your Investment Accounts

Recent events serve as a stark reminder that investors should pay close attention to what is in their investment accounts. High-profile bankruptcies underscore the unpredictable and volatile nature of investing in crypto companies or funds that invest in crypto. In its recent Investor Advisory, NASAA reminds investors to ensure they understand what assets are being held in their investment portfolio.

Information courtesy of NASAA

Investor Alert: Exercise Caution with Crypto Asset Securities

Investments in crypto asset securities can be exceptionally volatile and speculative, and the platforms where investors buy, sell, borrow, or lend these securities may lack important protections for investors. This SEC Investor Alert from the highlights the risks involved with holding crypto asset securities and describes what the public should understand before investing.

Information courtesy of the SEC

Investor Advisory—Beware of NFA Imposters

NFA has noticed a recent uptick in scams perpetrated by fraudsters posing as NFA staff or agents. Typically, these scammers promise to assist individuals in recovering funds lost in an investment scheme in return for a fee. NFA reminds investors that NFA staff will never solicit payment or fees from investors for any reason.