Self-Examination Questionnaire

On an annual basis, NFA Member futures commission merchants (FCM), forex dealer members (FDM), introducing brokers (IB), commodity pool operators (CPO) and commodity trading advisors (CTA) must review their operations using NFA's Self-Examination Questionnaire. The questionnaire is designed to aid Members in recognizing potential problem areas and to alert them to procedures that need to be revised or strengthened.

An appropriate supervisory person must sign and date a written attestation stating that he/she has reviewed and evaluated the Member's current procedures using NFA's Self-Examination Questionnaire and the current procedures are adequate to meet the Member's supervisory responsibilities. A separate attestation must be made for each branch office. Guarantor FCMs and forex dealer Members (FDM) must obtain copies of the questionnaire's signed attestation from guaranteed IBs, including branch offices of these guaranteed IBs. These attestations should not be forwarded to NFA but should be retained by the Member. Signed attestations should be readily available for the most recent two years and retained for the most recent five years.