NFA Swaps Proficiency Requirements Administrators

Each NFA Member with associated persons (AP) required to take NFA's Swaps Proficiency Requirements must designate at least one Swaps Proficiency Requirements Administrator (SPR Admin) who will coordinate enrollment and track progress. An SPR Admin must also be an ORS Security Manager.

Firms may have more than one SPR Admin; however, any additional SPR Admins must also be a Security Manager of the firm. If an NFA Member plans to have one SPR Admin for multiple affiliated firms, the SPR Admin should first complete the form online and then contact NFA's Information Center to be designated as the SPR Admin for additional firms.

There are two methods of enrolling individuals in NFA's Swaps Proficiency Requirements System, via upload or by disseminating an enrollment code. Select the method your firm will use below for additional information.

NFA has developed a process through which SPR Admins can enroll individuals in NFA's Swaps Proficiency Requirements by uploading information about one or more individuals into the Swaps Proficiency Requirements System. To upload individuals from your firm and affiliated firms, if applicable, please follow these steps:

  1. Gather information on which Track each individual you are enrolling from your firm will take. Visit  NFA's FAQs for information on which Track an individual should take.
  2. Complete this .csv file with these individuals' information. To avoid reporting discrepancies, SPR Admins at NFA Member swap firms and swap dealers should enroll individuals in the Swaps Proficiency Requirements using each individual's full legal name. If the individual is registered as an AP, SPR Admins should also provide their NFA ID and optionally provide the last four digits of their social security number (if applicable).  
  3. Log into NFA's Swaps Proficiency Requirements System.
  4. Upload the .csv file created in Step 2 into the System to enroll individuals from your firm into the Track you designated. Once uploaded, these individuals will receive login information to enter the System. If an individual does not receive an email within five hours after this upload, please contact NFA's Information Center.
  5. Steps 2 and 4 can be repeated as many times as needed over time to enroll all individuals who need to satisfy the Swaps Proficiency Requirements.

Click here for an explanation of the .csv template fields and instructions on uploading individuals from your firm into the System.

SPR Admins can edit certain information about individuals they uploaded. However, if an individual was enrolled in the wrong track or needs to be deleted, please contact NFA's Information Center.

If a firm is unable to upload employee information due to privacy or regulatory considerations, the SPR Admin may request an Enrollment Code on the SPR Admin Form. If an SPR Admin requests an Enrollment Code on the SPR Admin Form, the Codes will be accessible by logging into the Swaps Proficiency Requirements Administrator Form. SPR Admins that request an Enrollment Code will receive one Code for the Long Track and one Code for the Short Track, and are responsible for maintaining the integrity of these Enrollment Codes. Enrollment Codes are unique to the firms of the SPR Admin and may only be shared with individuals from the SPR Admin's firm(s) who are enrolling in NFA’s Swaps Proficiency Requirements. Enrollment Codes do not expire.

To provide individuals with an Enrollment Codes:

  1. Gather information on which Track individuals from your firm will take. Visit NFA's FAQs for information on which Track an individual should take.
  2. Email each individual from your firm with the following information:

Click here for a sample email that may be used to share the Enrollment Code with individuals in your firm.

The following reports are available to authorized ORS users, including SPR Admins.

NFA Swaps Proficiency Requirements – Individual Status by Firm

This report, available to authorized ORS users, lists by firm the track and progress of APs who are enrolled in NFA's Swaps Proficiency Requirements. SPR Admins should check the proficiency status of their registered swap APs in ORS to ensure that it is accurate. Authorized users can only access firms with which they are affiliated in ORS. Note: This report only contains individuals who used a firm's enrollment code to register for the proficiency requirements, were uploaded by a firm into NFA's Swaps Proficiency Requirements system, or are swap APs at intermediary firms who have completed the requirements.

Please note: If you select more than one firm in the SPR Admin Form, all individuals you enroll in the NFA Swaps Proficiency Requirements system, regardless of their firm affiliation, will display under one firm when viewing this report. Registered APs' successful completion of the Swaps Proficiency Requirements will still be properly designated in ORS.

NFA Swaps Proficiency Requirements – Completion Date by Individual

This report, available to authorized ORS users, allows a search of individuals who have completed NFA's Swaps Proficiency Requirements. The report includes name, the Track completed and the completion date.


For additional details regarding SPR Admin responsibilities, view a recording of NFA's Swaps Proficiency Requirements Administrator Training Webinar.

Note: If an SPR Admin is also taking the Swaps Proficiency Requirements, that SPR Admin should not enroll themselves via upload or Enrollment Code. SPR Admins can easily enroll in the Swaps Proficiency Requirements by following these instructions.

For additional details regarding NFA's Swaps Proficiency Requirements, read NFA's March 5, 2019 Rule Submission Letter. If you need assistance, please contact NFA's Information Center