Turning Intentions into Actions

NFA established a Diversity & Inclusion Council in 2021 to provide guidance and support for our many D&I initiatives. The Council comprises NFA employees from different functions, backgrounds, experiences and tenures who have a passion for D&I and a desire to drive positive change in our organization. Council members work on various diversity and inclusion projects, with focus areas including Culture and Engagement, Talent Acquisition Strategy and Community and Social Responsibility.

When people from different backgrounds collaborate, share ideas, and learn from each other, it makes for a happier workplace and fosters innovation that drives us all forward.

– Arthi Varma, Senior Manager, Compliance Systems and Project Management, D&I Council Member

I belong at NFA because I can be myself.

– Cliffe Allen, Director, OTC Derivatives, D&I Council Member

I am not like anyone else, nor do I want to be…and that's the whole point.

– Michael Jan, Manager, Compliance, D&I Council Member


culture and engagement

What We Do:
Enhance and promote a culture that supports the overall success of NFA through our people – where leaders are encouraged to embrace diverse thinking and all employees can thrive.

Our Initiatives Include:
Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), training and cultural celebrations platforms for D&I.

culture and engagement

What We Do:
Serving the public good is core to NFA's identity. By protecting investors and enhancing the integrity of our markets, we support the health of our global financial system. We believe it is our responsibility to utilize our diverse skills and resources to support the communities where we live, work and serve—particularly those communities that are underserved. Through charitable giving, workforce development and volunteer activities, we strive to help build equitable, inclusive and trusting communities and create opportunities in the financial services industry for individuals to realize their full potential.

Our Initiatives Include:
NFA Cares, our community outreach framework and shared diversity partnerships with talent acquisition.

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culture and engagement

What We Do:
Consistently increase diversity in our candidate pools, and continue to position NFA as a premier employer for diverse talent.

Our Initiatives Include:
Employee Referral program, Alumni Network and diversifying our talent sources, including Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Hispanic Serving Institutions, professional organizations and job boards.

Employee Resource Groups

At NFA, our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are employee-led and company-supported. Each of these indispensable integrations provides an opportunity for employees with common interests to help develop a positive workplace culture where people of different backgrounds, lifestyles and abilities are appreciated, valued, and given equal opportunities to succeed.

By fostering these groups, we hope our employees feel encouraged and empowered to help make an impact in their communities, build their cross-cultural competency and truly have a say in shaping a workplace they are proud to be a part of.

Be Well @ NFA – ERG

To build a community free of stigma, we strive to make space for and celebrate our shared identities and experiences at NFA. We emphasize that there is no right or wrong way to approach wellness in all of its forms. Whether occupational, mental, physical, emotional, social or spiritual wellness, we are cultivating a system of support to motivate each employee to feel comfortable exploring what works for them.

Mission Statement:
Foster social connection, education, and peer support to help NFA employees manage all aspects of their wellness.


WIN – Women's Inclusion at NFA

WIN - Women Inclusion at NFA Logo

We take immense pride in our commitment to developing and fostering the careers of our women colleagues. We strive to be an inclusive space where we can build relationships, support one another in our career development and empower each other both in and out of the office.

Mission Statement:
Become the best version of ourselves by cultivating an environment of empowerment. Through building relationships and embracing our different ways of thinking, we take control of our personal and professional journeys.


Diversity & Inclusion

D&I is at the heart of all that we do at NFA.

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NFA's internship program offers the opportunity to build on knowledge and skills gained in the classroom.

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Alumni Network

NFA's alumni network allows former NFA staff to engage with fellow alums and stay updated on NFA news.

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Make Our Mission Your Career


If you envision your career in a place where performing critical regulatory work within the financial industry is as significant as the diverse, passionate, and talented individuals with whom you work, then you belong at NFA.

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D&I is woven into the fabric of everything we do at NFA, both internally and externally. For more information on our initiatives, goals, and Employee Resource Groups, please contact us at diversityandinclusion@nfa.futures.org.