NFA Internships


NFA offers paid internships in the following departments:

  • Compliance
  • Market Regulation
  • OTC Derivatives

What you can expect

NFA's internship program focuses on training, hands-on experience, coaching and guidance, professional development, skill enhancement, and the ability to network with NFA employees. Interns have the opportunity to work closely with NFA senior staff, Member firms and the investing public.

Interns typically work a full-time schedule and will be compensated at a competitive hourly rate. Internships are available in NFA's Chicago and New York offices.

How to apply

To apply for an internship, visit NFA's Employment Application and Profile System (EAPS) where you can register to create a candidate profile. Your candidate profile allows you to enter your personal information, employment and education history, and also upload a resume and cover letter.


Kevin Ortega (Compliance)

Kevin, a DePaul University accounting major, joined NFA as a Compliance Department intern. Following his internship, Kevin was offered and accepted a full-time Compliance Examiner position.

"Upon completing training, I immediately was in the field with an NFA team-taking part in my first NFA examination. From the start, I received challenging and meaningful assignments working with NFA staff who developed my knowledge of the derivatives industry, firm operations and internal controls, and examination skills. The learning experience from NFA's internship program was far better than the classroom."

Gabriella Caldarone (Compliance)

Gabriella, a DePaul University finance major, joined NFA as a Compliance Department intern. Following her internship, Gabriella was offered and accepted a full-time Compliance Examiner position.

"During my NFA internship, I attended a three-week new staff training program and rotated between several Compliance functions such as risk management and disclosure document review. I look forward to transitioning from an intern to an NFA examiner and contributing to NFA's mission to ensure its Members comply with the rules and regulations of the derivatives industry."

Eddie Tan (OTC Derivatives)

Eddie majored in finance at Baruch College and joined NFA as an intern in the OTC Derivatives department. Following his internship, Eddie was offered and accepted a full-time Compliance Examiner position.

"From my internship at NFA, I've gained invaluable knowledge and experience from my mentors and peers about Dodd-Frank compliance and financial regulation that I probably wouldn't have gotten anywhere else."


NFA offers a generous and flexible benefits package that allows employees to balance work and life.

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Our Culture

By actively engaging in the development of our employees, NFA has further enhanced our culture and advancement of our employees, which drives our success.

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NFA Cares

NFA believes caring for the health and wellness of our employees and bettering our communities to promote the pursuit of excellence in our employees work.

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Campus Visits

NFA regularly visits campuses to meet with students and offer them the opportunity to learn about our organization.

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