Reporting Requirements

Commodity trading advisors (CTA) have the following reporting requirements:

Quarterly and Annual Reports

NFA Compliance Rule 2-46 requires CTAs to file NFA Form PR on a quarterly basis within 45 days of the calendar quarters ended March, June and September and a year-end report within 45 days of the calendar year end. Under CFTC Regulation 4.27, all CTAs that direct trading of commodity interests are required to file an annual CTA PR report within 45 days of the calendar year end. Each Form PR report filed after its due date will be subject to a late filing fee of $200 for each business day it is late. Under Bylaw 1303, failure to pay the late filing fee within 30 days of the due date will be deemed by NFA as a request by the CTA to withdraw from NFA membership.

The NFA Form PR report requires each CTA to report general information about the CTA and its trading programs. Both the annual and quarterly reports must be filed using EasyFile (CTA Filers).